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If we want to manage our life and have such a living which can be an example for others, we should lead an aimful life. To fulfil our aim we should set the goals first and to achieve these set goals we should prioritise the tasks.

Firstly we should break the major tasks into smaller ones and then do the longest work first in productive time smaller ones and then do the longest work fist in productive time, when our mind is fresh. Never compare with others. Daily try to overcome your short comings and improve regularly. At the end of the day evaluate and check your process or your failure. Reward yourself for a job well-done and punish for not hitting your target for the day. Always remember that your goals are very important. Best time to evaluate is before going to bed. Talk to yourself and again plan for the fresh day with a great push by self-motivation. This will surely lead you to the place of your dreams and one day you will touch the sky.

Sheeru Bedi