Message From The Founder Director

Now, everyone is very closed to us through our website of Modern Nabha Public Sr. Sec. School, Mehs Gate, Nabha. The Modernist, Parents, Teachers & Students can reach us easily. They will be in a position to know every bit of the school. Its achievements, developments & day today activities. We will feel obliged if you give us suggestions for the uplift of the school.

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Message From Founder Dy. Director

My dear students! Do you want to be more familiar with Modern Nabha Public Sr. Sec. School, Mehs Gate, Nabha, Distt. Patiala? It is very easy now, just sit and open our website. It will be full of day to day activities, new achievements & development & what not. I will be obliged if you send your valuable suggestion for further development of the school. I hope that every one of you will make it a point to improve the school.

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Principal's Pen

If we want to manage our life and have such a living which can be an example for others, we should lead an aimful life. To fulfil our aim we should set the goals first and to achieve these set goals we should prioritise the tasks.

Firstly we should break the major tasks into smaller ones and then do the longest work first in productive time smaller ones and then do the longest work fist in productive time, when our mind is fresh. Never compare with others. Daily try to overcome your short comings and improve regularly. At the end of the day evaluate and check your process or your failure..

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Sincerity is thy name – Mrs. Tara Verma

She contributed in the school in many capacities such as Math Teacher, Head of the Maths Department & Lastly on the basis of hard work, sincerity & administrative qualities she was upgraded in the school as Principal. She was a valuable asset to the school but God has snatched her from us untimely. She lived in this world about 60 years out of her life she contributed her 35 years to our school.

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  • Affiliation

    The school is affiliated with Punjab School Education Board vide Identity no. PS 4819 since 1993
  • School Timings

    Summer: 8:00 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. Winter: 8:30 A.M. to 2:15 P.M.
  • Discipline

    The students are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the school framed from time to time otherwise the defaulter will be expelled from the school for a period of time or may be rusticated depending upon the offence.